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Q: What and who is Blacklist?
A: Blacklist was created in early 2005 by Chris Dargan and Race Jones. The concept is to incorperate short videos and music to promote the sport of paintball, with focus on a few select teams, using only the internet. 2006 brought the need to expand into more forms of media. Terry Stolmeier was brought on board to add photographic coverage.

Q: Does Blacklist attend any specific events?
A: We make an attempt to attend as many events that we can fit into our schedule. If you are an event promoter, field owner or team owner and our interested in our services please click here to contact us.

Q: Are the videos offered in different formats?
A: The videos are compiled from footage shot with only digital technology. Currently they are only offered in .wmv format.

Q: Do you have the pictures available with higher resolution?
A: To make the pictures web friendly they are reduced both in size and resolution prior to being posted online. If you wish to obtain a copy of a specific image with higher resolution please contact Terry to make arrangements.


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