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It has been a while since any updates have been posted, partially due to various events in LIFE taking presidence over hobbies. Regardless, there are a few events that have finally made it from the memory card to the server. Links have been posted in the photos section. Enjoy.

The Sweet 7 hosted by Battle Ground Paintball, kicked off the season today in traditional Northwest weather.

The Empire Series has been renamed The Oregon Tour. The first event was held at WWNW last weekend. Check out the photos.

Uprising Remix - Part 1

What do players do during the off season?

We end the month of November with the release of our latest video, highlighting some of the recent events held at Battle Ground Paintball in Woodland Washington. Enjoy.

Battle Ground Paintball celebrated it's 1 year anniversary today with a 5-man tournament, sponsored by Bawls Guarana, Fury Paintball, NW Ambush and Achron Paintballs.

The final 2006 NPPL Super 7 Series event was this last weekend at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, CA. It was a great event that finished in what could be one of the most controversial games in recent history. Check out all the pictures in the photo section.

The Empire Series Season Finale hosted by Weekend Warriors NW

Sweet 7 Season Finale hosted by Battle Ground Paintball

FPS Series #4 held at Weekend Warriors.

NPPL San Diego - Day 2 photos are now available.

NPPL San Diego - Day 1 photos are now available.

Photos from another successful event for the only 7-man series in the NW, the Sweet 7 hosted by Battle Ground Paintball, are now online.


Naughty Dogs vs Infamous during a closed practice just before Chicago.


Northwest Open video is completed and ready to download. It's better then any fireworks you see tonight. Happy Fourth!

Yesterday was hot, but today was hotter both on and off the field! The debut event for the Sweet Seven took place at Battle Ground Paintball. Check out the pictures in the Photo section.

Probably the hottest day of the year so far with temperatures reaching into the 90's! Empire Series - Event #3 pictures are online.


Ghetto SuperBallers Tournament held at the Uprising Training Grounds followed by exclusive footage of the new super-hero "BroomMan", who uses an ordinary broom to scare all evil-doers of the universe.

Exclusive pictures from a private practice between the Naughty Dogs and Infamous.

The Northwest Open pictures are online.


The store is now open! Pre-orders are now being accepted for the first batch of t-shirts.


Back to the roots: An afternoon of fun caught on film. Footage is form of a recent practice at the Uprising Training Grounds... where it all started.

A little bonus at the end... raw unedited footage.

Yesterday was the second event for the Empire Series held at Weekend Warriors NW. The weather never lets us down in the NW as we can always count on rain to show up... but today it didn't ruin the day. Lots of fast paced action packed games.

Two videos that have not been available on the web site have just been added. The first is the Oregon-X Event 1 which was shot in July 2005 at Weekend Warriors NW. The second is the Empire Young Guns, also from the summer of 2005.

Another brand new video has been uploaded and is available for downloading. It is packed full of brand new footage, shot just over 48 hours ago at the FPS Series event #2 at Weekend Warriors NW.

Event 2 of the FPS Series took place yesterday at Weekend Warriors NW. With the largest amount of teams so far (45) I was excited to take hundreds of pictures of the teams. Unfortunately, the clouds in the sky didn't agree with me as it went from a warm and beautiful day to monsoon season in less then an hour.


PM - The last of the files are finally sorted and uploaded from NPPL HB. Enjoy.

AM - It's taken a few days, but the galleries for the first three days of the NPPL Huntington Beach event are up. I was able to take pictures of over 80 teams (and some hotties!) during the four day event. You can find them in the Galleries section.

I am always amazed with the level of competition the younger players have during Young Gun events. Today was no different as the Empire Series kicked off the new season at Weekend Warriors NW in Marqum, Oregon. This year the Empire Series has added a Rookie division in addition to the Young Gun division. Check out all the photo's in the Photos section.

The winter is finally over and the 2006 season has finally started! The first event was the FPS Series held at the brand new Battle Ground Paintball, located in Woodland Washington. It was an amazing day to say the least. Check out the photos section for all the web-safe pictures!

Today was the last NWXL Oregon X event at Weekend Warriors NW for 2005. It's been a long and wet day, so I'll keep this short. Pictures are posted in the Galleries section. Also posted today are the long lost pictures from the NWXL event from 7/24/05 and from the event in Grandview, WA on 10/22/05.

This last weekend I made a trip out to Lewiston, Idaho to the BK Paintball "BK Ballers Cup". I knew pretty early in the morning it was going to be a good event. As the promoter was announcing the captain meeting, I overheard one of the rookie teams ask "Who's our captain? Do we even have a captain?" The pictures are ready for viewing in the Galleries section.

Today was a great day for the NWXL Oregon X - Open event held at Weekend Warriors NW. The pictures are online and can be found in the Photos section.

The pictures from the FPS Series at CDR Ranch are now online. Check out the Photos section to find them.

Stopped by the FPS Series at Albany and took a few pictures. Was great to see some people I haven't seen in a while.

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